The hydraulically driven floor screed maschine M720 combines all the advantages of the latest Mixokret generation into the minimum720gross possible space. The small Mixokret is the ideal machine pump for small crews and lightweight tractor units and is perfect for mixing and conveying floor screed, sand, gravel and fine grained concrete with a grain size of up to nbsp;16 mm.
Equipment features of Mixokret M720DHB:

  • robust plastic hood
  • environmentally frienldy an d powerful 3 cylinder diesel motor
  • stable and secure chassis
  • with skip loader

Standard equipment:
discharge stand, car coupling, operating manual, standard accessories

Technical Data

Model M720DHB

Output                 3,5 m³/h

compressor       2750 l/min, Pressurelimit 5 bar

engine                   3-cylinder Kubota-diesel engine, 23 kW at 2,300 rpm

weight                  1280 kg

filling height     700 mm

aggregate          16 mm